Our clients

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Romanian Football Federation structured voice-data network, sound system, unauthorized entry alarm, fire alarm system, CCTV;
Emergency Hospital low voltage installations, unauthorized entry alarm system, landing direction lighting system;
National Contemporary Art Museum high voltage electrical installation, power input at 20kV, integrated security system (unauthorized entry alarm system, fire alarm system, people and luggage access control system, structured voice-data network, CCTV), simultaneous translation system, de-icing installation, aerosol fire extinguishing system;
The National Bank of Romania general lighting network, structured voice-data network, telephone network installation;
Ministry of Foreign Affairs installation and service for electronic telephone exchange, structured voice-data network;
SIF Muntenia lighting installation, electrical switchboard, structured voice-data network - 1800 ports, fire alarm system, CCTV;
National Statistics Institute conference system, simultaneous translation system 450 seats, special sound system, video projection and cinema system, unauthorized entry alarm system, smoke evacuation system, CCTV, structured voice-data network;
National Institute for Earth Physics - structured voice-data network, electronic telephone exchange, fire alarm and aerosol extinguishing system, unauthorized entry alarm system, high voltage installations, power input at 20 kV;
The Information and Communication Centre of the Special Telecommunication Service electrical network expansion, power input at 20 kV;